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ED Medications prescribed online in Pennsylvania

Most ED drugs are created on the basis of expensive biotechnologies, including monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, and other difficult-to-manufacture substances. On average, it takes about ten years of work and about $1 billion in investments to create an innovative drug. It is much easier to produce ED drugs because the formula is already known. These medications are called generics and are sold online by pharmacies in Pennsylvania.

Giant Eagle Pharmacy (Rating: 5.0) | 105 Robertson St, West Newton, PA 15089, United States | (724) 872-3350

Very disappointed. Took me close tp 1hr 30 min to get 2 prescriptions filled!! I CALLED before I had them sent there to make sure they took my insurance. Got there after 4 people, and 2 supervisors finally got my insurance applied. VERY DISSAPOINTED!!!

Giant Eagle Pharmacy pharmacy staff goes above and beyond expectations regarding prescription fulfillment. Very happy!

ViaQX Pharmacy (Rating: 4.3) | 113 W Main St, West Newton, PA 15089, United States | (724) 872-6401

Most of the staff at Viaqx seem wonderful, except when I ran late and was there 5 minutes before closing, and a staff member tried to lock the door while I stood there to get a script I Had To Have for my son! Very Rude! However, if you need a prescription refilled a week from now, call it in today and be prepared to wait an hour and a half at the store for them to fill it. That’s after you find a parking space.

Friendly. They are very busy, so it might be a bit of a wait, but they do deliver, which is great.

New Stanton Pharmacy (Rating: 4.5) | 144 W Post Ave, New Stanton, PA 15672, United States | (724) 925-9810

New Stanton Pharmacy was a very reliable pharmacy, but now it’s a joke. They never have my prescription on time, and half the techs are rude. Had to change from 3 Stars to 1 star. Decided to stay with them when my doctor renewed my scripts. Again was told my script would be filled the following day and SHOCKER. When my wife went to go pick up my script, it wasn’t ready, and the tech was rude. This has happened a few times now, with different techs being nasty towards my wife. I try to use hometown businesses, but this has left an ill feeling toward Mississippi Discount Pharmacy.

Quick and personal service. Thank you for the speedy delivery of antibiotics. My son and I recovered from this horrible flu.

Rostraver Drug Store (Rating: 5.0) | 520 Circle Dr, Belle Vernon, PA 15012, United States | (724) 929-5533

Absolute worst place I’ve been to. I work in a pharmacy, and I would never allow it to run like this place. Everything they do is extremely shady, and not one technician has the integrity to admit their mistakes. I was basically called a liar even though I provided proof and told things didn’t happen when they sure did. After an entire day of phone calls, I was finally able to get a resolution that should’ve occurred with the first call a week ago when it was said to occur. They will be getting reported to the Board of Pharmacy on my end. It’s a sad excuse for a pharmacy.

Been dealing with Rostraver Drug Store for better than 20 years. Super friendly staff wouldn’t go anywhere else. Friendly employees, and very helpful. Got my parents meds there for a long time.

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